Installation instructions

The EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System is easy to install. Subject to separate agreement, we will provide on-site installation supervision to ensure the correct installation and operation of your EVERSLIDE products.

Installation step by step

Step 1

The slope on which the plastic matting is mounted should be stable and even. Therefore, it is recommendable to construct the slope on either concrete or impregnated wood, but the EVERSLIDE plastic matting can even be installed on compacted and even natural ground.

Step 2

Before fastening the lane guides, the impregnated timber is attached to the substructure. After that, the lane guides can be fastened to the impregnated timber on both sides with screws.

Step 3

The foam mat is rolled between the lane guides on the concrete or wooden surface. Due to thermal expansion, the mats should be cut into 5-8-metre-long sections. We also suggest leaving a gap of 3-5 cm in the joints.

The EVERSLIDE products are easy to install.

Step 4

The fastening net is then rolled out on the foam mats. At the joints, the nets should overlap each other by 1-2 mesh cells. Then a galvanised steel band is threaded through the pieces of mesh in the joints of each net.

Step 5

The net is tightened and fastened, along with the foam mat, to the substructure with anchor bolts or screws.

Step 6

The installation of the matting elements starts at the bottom of the slope. The EVERSLIDE matting elements and the safety plates below them should be attached to the fastening net at the same time. The ribs of the safety plate must face downwards.

Step 7

The matting elements and safety plates are fastened in place with cable ties (four cable ties per element). The cable ties should be fastened and tightened to both ends of the matting element first. Then the cable ties are fastened and tightened in the middle of the matting element.

Step 8

The slope area is ready! The starting, walking, and stopping areas still need to be covered with artificial turf.

We will be glad to help you in installing your project