Project description

From planning to smooth slides

The EVERSLIDE team at C.E. Lindgren will be glad to help you with the planning and implementation of your sledding slope project. Please do not hesitate to contact us – whether you need help with project planning, technical and design consulting, or supervision of the installation.



We provide you with a preliminary design plan with layout drawings. All you need to do is send us the general dimensions of the project location. A plan drawing or a map of the area, preferably with elevation contours, will help significantly in the planning. More detailed profile drawings of the sledding slope will be prepared after your order. We are also glad to assist you with other technical solutions needed for the sledding slope, such as the drainage or sprinkler system.



Each EVERSLIDE Sledding Slope is unique. The size and colour of the slope depend on the area in which it is to be placed, and on the needs of the customer. With several years of experience in delivering sledding slopes, we have proven ability to find the right solution to your needs. Based on the alternative selected, we then calculate the quantity of EVERSLIDE materials needed for your specific solution and prepare the quotation. The freight and supervision costs may be included in the quotation, if so desired.



We prepare profile drawings for the sledding slope, according to which the slope is constructed. The construction work (such as foundation work, mounting of the sprinkler and drainage systems, and the supply and installation of artificial turf) is to be arranged locally.

The EVERSLIDE Sledding Slope is inexpensive to maintain.



The EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System consists of matting elements and safety plates, to be installed on-site by a local building contractor, for example. The EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System is easy to install. No specialist skills or special tools are needed. By arrangement, we will provide on-site installation supervision to ensure the correct operation of your EVERSLIDE products. Installation instructions can also be found under Installation.



An EVERSLIDE Sledding Slope is simple to use and maintain. The surface of the EVERSLIDE plastic matting is to be kept moist and free of dirt, and children and adults alike can enjoy the speed and excitement of sledding. Read more under  Maintenance.