Ski jumps

The Everslide Plastic Matting System adheres to the latest standards for covering ski jump hills with plastic matting. It has been awarded the FIS Certificate.

The Everslide Plastic Matting System

The advanced and unique EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System consists of matting elements and safety plates, a foam mat, and fastening net. It includes all the accessories needed for a complete installation of excellent quality.

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A pioneer in the field

Everslide was the first in the world to develop safety plates to increase ski-jumpers’ safety.

Plastic elements

The EVERSLIDE matting elements and safety plates are made of frost-resistant and UV-protected polypropylene.

The standard colour of the matted landing area is green, with blue and red elements for the P and K points and white matting elements for the distance markings.

Safety plates

The safety plates have been part of our standard delivery since the early 1990s. As the industry forerunner, C.E. Lindgren was the first in the world to develop safety plates to increase ski-jumpers’ safety. The safety plates’ main function was to prevent the ski-jumpers from getting caught in the fastening net in the event of a fall.

Slopes as advertising and information surfaces

The EVERSLIDE matting elements of different colours can be used to integrate text or logotypes into the slopes. The text and logo elements are designed, manufactured and assembled at the factory. After finishing, the logo elements are delivered in small factory-assembled entities that are easy to install. Areas with existing plastic matting / logo elements can also be replaced with new ones.

Snow blocking nets

The EVERSLIDE snow blocking nets are meant for refitting ski jumps with plastic matting for winter operation. The netting is tailor-made by taking all the requirements for the various fastening concepts into consideration. The standard mesh size is 350 x 350 mm. The snow blocking net, which is made of plaited polypropylene rope with a diameter of 18 mm, offers reliable resistance to any slipping of the snow.

The EVERSLIDE snow blocking net can be placed on both the landing hill and the in-run. It is mounted horizontally across the landing area in small entities before the winter season. Nets are easy to install and remove – no cranes are needed.

In-run tracks

The ceramic PORSGRUND SNOW CHINA is a top-of-the-class in-run track for summer use in normal and large ski jumping hills. It is equipped with integrated sprinkler system and made of special porcelain fired at a high temperature, which provides low friction and maximum durability. A special version of the SNOW CHINA ceramic in-run track is supplied with a heating system, which provides all jumpers with equal conditions also in wintertime, even with snow falling or at temperatures of around 0 ºC. The robust, aluminium-framed track is prefabricated in five-metre-long sections with the upper part of the track cut to size.