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From Finland to the world: EVERSLIDE by C.E. Lindgren

The EVERSLIDE product systems, unique on a global scale, are based on C.E. Lindgren corporation’s extensive experience in plastic matting products. Thanks to our efficient and flexible production technology and continuous development work, we can deliver high-quality products at competitive prices.

History | C.E. Lindgren

Founded in 1881, Oy C.E. Lindgren Ab is one of the oldest companies in Finland, and it remains one of the most active. For the last 50 years, we have been based in the historic town of Porvoo, about 50 km east of Helsinki, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Our product line displays a unique mix of tradition and innovation. Since the beginning, we have designed, developed, and manufactured various kinds of brushes to meet the most demanding requirements. Today we provide a broad range of paint brushes, painting tools and construction tools, complemented by our range of both standard and bespoke industrial brushes. The third field is the EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System production, stemming from our extensive experience and knowledge of plastic materials.

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The history of Everslide

The EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System for summer ski jumping was launched in 1984. It was originally developed and manufactured by a Finnish company called Kirkkala Oy, which specialised in producing polypropylene fibres for brushes used by street-cleaning vehicles. In 1991, C.E. Lindgren bought the Kirkkala business, and six years later decided to focus the entire fibre production operation on EVERSLIDE. Since then, C.E. Lindgren has become the market leader in this business, and more than half of the matted ski jumps worldwide are covered with EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System.

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