Sledding slopes

The always-slippery and easy-to-maintain EVERSLIDE Sledding Slope offers the charm of speed in any weather. Our advanced and innovative solutions are used in various leisure destinations around the world!

The EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System

The EVERSLIDE Plastic Matting System consists of matting elements and safety plates for the slope area, as well as of a foam mat, a fastening net, and all the equipment needed for a complete installation of excellent quality.


Enjoy speedy runs safely with the EVERSLIDE Sledding Slopes!

Plastic elements

The matting elements and safety plates are made of frost-resistant and UV-protected polypropylene, which has proved to be the most durable material with the best gliding quality. The standard colours of the matting elements and safety plates are green and white. Other colours are available on request.

Elements of different colours can be used to integrate text, or the entire slope area can be designed to form a pattern. The possibilities are endless – we are happy to discuss your thoughts further!

Lane guides

The EVERSLIDE lane guides ensure that the sleds are aligned correctly. They increase the capacity of the slope and, more importantly, improve safety, as the riders can speed down at the same time without colliding with each other.

Plastic sleds

We also deliver green, pink and blue plastic sleds for the slopes. Contact us for more information!

Starting area

We will prepare profile drawings for the sledding slope. These include measurements for the starting area, which must be wide enough for the riders to take off safely and for others to wait their turn. We suggest covering this area with artificial turf.

Sprinkler system

When in use, the slope area is to be sprinkled as needed to keep the surface moist. The sprinkler system is not included with the EVERSLIDE Sledding Slope. It must be mounted separately. We are glad to assist you with the technical solutions for the sprinkling system.

Safety fence

We recommend erecting a safety fence between the slope and walking area. The surface of the matting elements is slippery, so it is not recommendable to walk on them – not even when the slope area is out of use.

Stopping area

Our profile drawing for the sledding slope includes the stopping area, which has to be prepared at the end of the slope to slow the speed of the sled and finally bring it to a stop. This area should be wide enough to allow the riders to leave the slope area safely. We suggest covering this area with artificial turf.


To drain away rainwater, moistening water, and washing water from the slope and stopping area, drainage should be arranged for the beginning of the stopping area. We will be glad to help you in planning the drainage system.

Walking area

A walking area is to be arranged beside the slope area, to allow the riders to return safely from the stopping area to the starting area.