The use and maintenance of the unique EVERSLIDE products is effortless. Thanks to the high-quality materials we use and the professional workmanship, our products also have a warranty.


When in use, the surface of the EVERSLIDE matting elements must be kept moist by sprinkling water on the elements. This will reduce friction and thus make sledding faster and more enjoyable. How often this should be done depends on the climate. In hot and sunny conditions, the surface needs to be sprinkled more often.


Keep the surface of the EVERSLIDE matting elements and safety plates clean of dirt (sand and leaves) either by sweeping or with a pressure washer. If the moistening water has high levels of calcium, the elements must be cleaned with an acid-based detergent and a pressure washer every 3-6 months, depending on the amount of precipitation of calcium on the surface of the EVERSLIDE materials. The pressure washer should only be used downwards and along the fibres. Finally, the elements should be rinsed with clean water.

Maintained properly, the EVERSLIDE products will withstand
even the heaviest use!


A five-year warranty is granted for the EVERSLIDE products. In practice, the service life of the EVERSLIDE products is much longer. It is, however, necessary to monitor the wear of the plastic sleds and replace worn-out ones to ensure the safety of the riders.

Questions regarding maintenance or other technical solutions?